Comprehensive Background Verification Services!

Grow More is the one-stop solution for multiple background verifications for growing and established corporate. We’re dedicated to offer comprehensive and quality HR Solutions including several checks and authentic background verification at different levels. Our simplified but reliable verification process ensures that all results are strictly time-bound and precise.

Welcome to Grow More Verification. Services that we provide in background verification:

  1. Address Verification– A field officer is hired to verify the address details, the tenure of stay, the ownership status, and details of other members residing at a given address.
  2. Academic Verification– Degrees and diplomas are verified through in-house verification teams from the concerned University/College.
  3. Employment Verification– By contacting each workplace listed in the employee verification form is verified to check about the tenure, job responsibilities, and dates of the candidate’s employment there. 
  4. Court Record Check– We checks the legal status of the applicant whether the employee has been indulged in any criminal offense or any court case.
  5. Reference Check– To obtain information from colleagues, supervisors, and co-employers about the individual’s skills, family background, work performance, and characters.
  6. Database Verification– It reveals any criminal misconduct that took place by the applicant.
  7. Criminal Verification– Criminal checks are done pre-employment of an employer from State Courts, Federal courts.
  8. Relieving Check– To verify the relieving formalities and documents of an employer.
  9. Behavior Check– Behavior/Attitude checks in previous/present employer in the organization.
  10. Gap Verification– To verify the gap between employments (if any) from the information given in the verification form.
  11. Identity Verification– Identity checks through PAN Card, Adhaar Card, Passport, driving license.
  12. Performance Verification– Performance during the job in terms of technically and theoretically in work tenure
Employment Check3-5 days
Supervisor Check5-6 days
Address Check4-6 days
Education Check4-6 days
Court Check5-10 days
World Database Check2-3 days
Identity Check2-3 days